by Jan Carlson

Getting on your bike for a ride is probably one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. The feel of freedom pedaling on roads or trails, and through the desert or mountains is like none other. But what if you are uncomfortable on the saddle? Or feel as though you are stretched out from pedal to handlebar? Or crimped in your toes? Hot spots and numbness? Those feelings might just be enough keep your bike in the garage.

This is where an ergonomic Body Geometry Bike Fit can be valuable in maximizing your comfort. No matter what your level of riding is, comfort equals sustained riding time! A Fit gives you an overall boost by making your cycling more efficient, powerful and comfortable while reducing the chance of injury through proper body alignment.

A Fit Specialist first conducts a rider profile interview to access your riding preferences. Then utilizing crucial measurements taken while you are on a bike, will recommend the selection of the bike size appropriate for you. Touchpoints are evaluated once the bike size is determined. The critical touchpoints are handlebar, saddle and pedals. The Specialist will be able to determine seat height, handlebar placement, and foot-pedal position to eliminate unwanted pressure on nerves, arteries and soft tissue.

Options for personalized comfort might include a few changes to your bike components.  Common parts include a saddle width and shape to match your anatomy and reach to the pedals; footbeds for arch support and to stabilize the natural movement of your foot and knee alignment; or gloves with contoured pads which distribute forces to disperse nerve pressure. All of these combine for a harmonious body alignment to maintain good circulation right down to your toes.

At Fountain Hills Bikes we offer a variety of Specialized Body Geometry products ergonomically designed and scientifically tested. The team is always researching to find new ways to deliver the best possible equipment for your ride. So you can always be comfortable whether you are giving it a long, all-out effort or you are out for a laid back jaunt around Fountain Park! We just want to see you smiling while you ride!