The Biophilic Fountain Hills Survey focuses on increasing environmental understanding and community wellbeing.


What does biophilic mean? Biophilic means having a connection to nature and incorporating it into everyday life. This project wants to partner residents with the Biophilic Cities Network. The heart of this project is to work on habitat conservation and green infrastructure, as well as make nearby nature accessible for all Fountain Hills residents.

The benefits of a biophilic town are plenty. For instance, it can contribute to community wellbeing and town resilience. When nature is close, there is an increase in mental and physical well-being. Biophilic communities also attract tourists, resulting in increased property values.


Indicators are how biophilic qualities can be assessed. It is also how progress can be evaluated over time. These are the main purposes of the project and are chosen by the submitter. In this instance, the submitter is the Biophilic Fountain Hills Project and the Town. At least five indicators are required, and there must be at least one from each of the following categories:

1. Natural conditions, qualities, infrastructure
2. Biophilic engagement, participation, activities, knowledge
3. Biophilic institutions, planning and governance
4. Human health and well-being

So how can you help? The Biophilic Fountain Hills Project wants to include residents in the process of choosing the above indicators. These represent the interest of residents in fulfilling ways, while support the Town’s goals. They want to know which indicators are most meaningful for the Fountain Hills community. Take the Biophilic Fountain Hills Survey here. Contact Vision FH with questions at