The Fountain Hills Community Foundation (FHCF) is back in action as the fundraising 501(c) 3 of the community. This organization is designed to assist with additional funding for educational, cultural, and humanitarian nonprofit organizations that are seeking grants to help them grow and thrive

The mission is to build a legacy in Fountain Hills and the surrounding communities, investing in nonprofit organizations whose work improves the lives of our youth, seniors, families, and community. FHCF works with these nonprofits as a partner, helping them to identify problems, find solutions, and become stronger and more effective. Grants may also be awarded to annual key community projects that have shared fundraising efforts between several local organizations.

This organization’s history goes back to 1995 when a group of local visionaries saw a community need and answered it with what was originally called the Sunridge Foundation. In 2006, the Sunridge Foundation evolved into the Fountain Hills Community Foundation. It then went quiet after the 2008 recession. To date, it has provided over $1 million in financial support for local nonprofits.

Today, as community needs continue to grow, a new group of volunteers are breathing new life into this philanthropic organization. Throughout the year, the board will conduct fundraising activities to secure donations that will benefit the community.

The FHCF is kicking off the 2020 Giving Season by accepting grant applications starting January 15. Deadline for all applications is February 28, 2020. Applications can be completed online at or by downloading an application form and returning it via email or post mail.

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