Looking to get in shape? Curious about Crossfit? Look no further!


There will be a Crossfit class in Fountain Park on Saturday, February 27th from 8-8:45 AM. This will be an introductory class. It is for those who want to learn more about Crossfit or get a good total body workout. This class is for all fitness levels. Crossfit is adaptable to all ages, fitness levels, and functionality. It is defined as: “Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity.” The priority for this class is to have every student move correctly before applying intensity.

Class will meet at the amphitheater in Fountain Park at 8:00 AM. Class will include a warm-up, a detailed workout description, and a cool down. The detailed workout description will have movement standards and scaling options. The class will use minimal to no equipment. All necessary equipment for this course will be provided. Please be prepared to move, bring comfortable shoes, clothes, and water. This class will be limited to 15 people.

Registration for this class is required. However, the class if free! You can register online here. Contact Fountain Hills Community Services with any questions at (480) 816-5100.