is reformatting to provide resources to local residents during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The site will offer topics with online resources and links to support local restaurants and businesses, Facebook sites, area recreation, and virtual entertainment. It also lists ways local residents can help each other.

“In times like these, it’s good to know you live in a supportive community like Fountain Hills. Without question, we are stronger when we work together,” says Debbie Clason, Marketing Manager for the new site.   “And, thanks to the conveniences of internet and social media, we can reach out to those who need our assistance quickly and effectively.” was originally developed to provide an on-line community calendar for area businesses and organizations.  As part of the FHCCA, it operates in a non-profit fashion with member dues to support the site.  When COVID-19 started to affect local activities and the online calendar became filled with cancellations, FHCCA leadership jumped into action.

“When local event cancellations started to occur and restaurants, in particular, were so strongly affected, we became concerned about the business owners and employees, and decided to do what we can to help,” says Dori Wittrig, President of FHCCA.  “Since was designed solely to be a tool for the local residents, we realized we could provide needed information resources in a one-stop-shop kind of format,” adds Wittrig.

The group is offering services to any local restaurant through this period in order to post their revised services and offerings.  There are also links to health and government related organizations, a list of things for kids to do while families are self-isolating and, for those in a position to support local needs, a list of ways to contribute to others who are in need.

Advertising rates are suspended during this period, allowing businesses to place an advertisement about revamped products/services to address the current public need.

For those interested in placing their advertisement or suggesting additional on-line resources to make the site more robust should email suggestions to