We’ve learned a lot of new terminology in the past few weeks. Self isolation. Community spread. Flatten the curve. All of it can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to turn for factual information.

In the spirit of solidarity and education, we’d like to share some sites you can trust for local news and information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Additionally, here are a few other entities with trustworthy news and information:

In addition to Town and Chamber updates, we’ll be expanding our local information in the days to come to include information on restaurants, community assistance, recreation, and kid-friendly resources. Our goal is to provide Fountain Hills residents with a one-stop website where they can find reliable, relevant local information about the businesses and organizations that make this town so outstanding. If you know of a business or organization which is doing their part to bring unity and wellness to our community at this time, please email us with the details so we can add them to our list of resources.

*Many thanks to Barrie Blum of Copy Express for creating and distributing the Fountain Hills Stronger Together bumper sticker.