Over the years, the demand for a meal delivery program in Fountain Hills has increased greatly. Luckily, an amazing volunteer-run service exists to satisfy this demand. Since 2001, Fountain Hills has had its very own Home-Delivered Meal Program (HDM) for senior citizens. This nonprofit service has changed the lives of thousands of Fountain Hills residents over the past two decades and continues to expand today.

Meals are prepared freshly every day by the staff of Fountain View Village, seven days a week, every day of the year, including holidays. Every meal is delivered between 10:45 AM and 1:00 PM by local volunteers on regular delivery routes.

A meal costs $6.50, just enough to cover what Fountain View Village charges the Town. In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, HDM delivered 4,402 meals, and they are currently predicting over 4,500 meals delivered in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. The program was particularly beneficial during the height of the pandemic, delivering over 5,000 meals in 2020.

Each meal comes in a 3-compartment aluminum container that contains a hot entrée, with a cold sack containing a salad, fruit, and dessert. Meals are kept in insulated bags during delivery to ensure a safe temperature is maintained. The meals vary daily, and the program can accommodate for dietary restrictions upon request.

To qualify for this program, a potential client needs to

  • be 80 years old or older,
  • be a caregiver for a physically or mentally impaired person,
  • be in recovery from a hospital stay and unable to prepare their own meals while recovering,
  • or have a physical condition that limits them from preparing their own meals.

Special thanks to Encore for More and iLoveFountainHills.com, not only for founding the program before it came under the Town, but also for paying for volunteer background checks and helping to keep the meals affordable with donations and other forms of support.

If you or a loved one is interested in signing up or donating to the Fountain Hills Home-Delivered Meals Program, head to fountainhillsaz.gov/190/Home-Delivered-Meals.

Donations to the program are greatly appreciated, as they help subsidize and maintain the cost of the meals for residents in need of assistance. They are also currently looking for new volunteers, so contact Jennifer Lyons or Nita Blose at the link above if you are interested.