If you hate leaving your fur buddy at home when you go out for a bite, here’s good news – many Fountain Hills’ establishments have pet-friendly patios where your dog is a welcome guest.

Prior to 2014, restaurants which allowed dogs on the premises could be cited for a health code violation unless the dog was a service animal. When a 2013 study by the National Association of County and City Health Officials and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health determined that the risks of allowing dogs in restaurants was very low (as long as safety, sanitation, and hygiene practices are enforced), many states began passing bills to allow pets on outdoor restaurant patios.

But, hold on – before you invite man’s best friend along for your next outing, not all restaurants have pet friendly patios. And not all restaurant patrons are dog lovers. Here’s how you can dine happily with your pup in Fountain Hills without landing in the doghouse.

  • Know the rules. We’ve listed some pet-friendly establishments at the end of this article, but please call ahead to make sure their policies haven’t changed.
  • If possible, feed your dog at home before you go. The smell of good food is hard enough for humans to resist, much less our canine friends. If you regularly feed your dog from the table, he might expect to get the same treatment from everyone on the patio – especially if he’s hungry.
  • Don’t let your dog eat from your plate. By law, pets are prohibited from eating and drinking from restaurant dishes and glasses. If you do plan on sharing your favorite appetizer with Fido, bring your own bowls and place them under the table, where other patrons and wait staff won’t trip over them.
  • Keep your dog leashed at all times. You might have the most well-behaved dog on the planet, but a leash is a sign to others that yours is under control. A leashed or harnessed dog makes it easier to maintain control in the event another patron’s pet becomes aggressive or unruly.
  • Have your dog sit beneath your table or away from any main pathways. It can be difficult for patrons and wait staff to navigate around tables and chairs, especially during busy dining times. Keeping your pet away from foot traffic keeps everyone, including your dog, from getting hurt.
  • Dine during off hours. Speaking of busy dining times, if your pup believes all humans exist to greet and admire him, consider dining during off hours when he won’t be as tempted to demand attention from others. Not all patrons are dog lovers so eating between rush hours makes it easier for all concerned.
  • Be prepared to leave. Even the most mild-mannered animal experiences meltdowns from time to time. On the off chance it happens to yours while you’re out, be polite and remove him from the situation. If a short stroll outside doesn’t change his attitude, ask for a doggie bag and head home.

Now that you’re in the know, check out these Fountain Hills establishments with pet-friendly patio seating:

  • Phil’s Filling Station
  • All American Sports Grill
  • HD Asian Bistro
  • Chocofin Chocolatier
  • Streets of New York
  • Arrivederci Cucina Italiana
  • Starbucks
  • Euro Pizza Café
  • MountainView Thai Coffee
  • Sofrita
  • Pisa Pizza
  • Asian Fang
  • Bone Haus Brewing