Get ready for the Fountain Hills Senior Softball 2021 Kickoff Tournament!


The Town of Fountain Hills will be hosting a recreational softball tournament. The tournament is for men ages 40-50, 55+, 60+, 65+ and 70+. The 2021 Kickoff Tournament will happen at Golden Eagle Park. Teams with a rating of AA, AAA, and Major are invited. There will be modified Senior Softball rules.

Rosters must be submitted to the tournament director one week prior to the start date of the tournament. The tournament starts on January 28th. The price is $350. The price includes softballs, umpires, facility fees, staff, 1st place prizes, and overhead. Registrations are confirmed by payment only.

Good sportsmanship is a must! The Senior Softball Tournament is recreational. The goal of the Fountain Hills Community Services Department is to coordinate an enjoyable tournament for participants and spectators.

The tournament is four days. However, if registration does not fill up, it will go down to two days. Thursday and Friday games would be reserved for 65+ through 75+ teams. 40+ through 60+ teams would play on Saturday and Sunday. Upon registering, please enter your date of birth, team age division, team rating, and team name.

Below are the team age divisions:

#5508 – Division I: 40’s & 50’s | 8 teams

#5509 – Division II: 55’s & 60’s | 8 teams

#5520 – Division III: 65+, 70+, 75+ | 12 teams

Register online here. If you have any questions, contact Fountain Hills Community Services at (480) 816-5100.