Join Arizona treasure hunter Cody Drake for Spanish Expeditions and their Arizona Treasures!


Professional treasure hunter Cody Drake will be at Bone Haus Brewing Monday, April 12th from 6-7 PM. Cody has a lot of experience, and has even been featured on the Discovery Channel with Rob Riggle.

Cody will be presenting the early Spanish Expeditions into what Arizona is today. He will discuss the failed expedition of Cabeza de Vaca. He will also discuss how that spawned the expedition of famed Francisco Vásquez de Coronado in the mid-1500s. Learn how they explored the west! Not to mention what exactly they were seeking, how they traveled, and more! Best of all, learn what treasure and artifacts might have been left behind!

This is a fun and informative event you won’t want to miss! Contact Bone Haus Brewing with any questions at (480) 292-9541.