Do you work in the Health Services Industry? Then don’t miss out on this Industry Stakeholder Meeting.


The Health Services Industry Stakeholder Meeting is Friday, July 16th from 12:30-1:30 PM at the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of this meeting is to network with other industry leaders. They want to “stop the leakage” of business in Fountain Hills. It is important to work together as business leaders and boost business in the Fountain Hills Community, especially in the Health Services Industry.

Please bring your own lunch or sign up for their Non-Profit of the month luncheon. This luncheon will occur from 12-2PM on the same day at the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce. Food will be provided from Señor Taco, Fountain View Village, and the Chamber. Please visit the link here for more information. The cost of the luncheon is $15. Contact Besty LaVoie with any questions at