As the world’s 17th International Dark Sky Community, Fountain Hills is a unique dark sky oasis in the Valley of the Sun. Here are some things you can see in November 2022.


Mars (after 8:30 PM in the East), Jupiter & Saturn overhead, Venus (right after sunset in the West)


South Taurids: November 4-5

North Taurids: November 12

Leonids: November 17-18


November 8

A total lunar eclipse can only happen on the night of a Full Moon when the moon reaches the exact opposite side of the Earth as the sun. Sometimes, the moon’s orbit takes it directly into Earth’s shadow, creating a partial or total eclipse. This month’s total lunar eclipse will reach totality (fully shadowed) at 2:17 AM and last until 3:42 AM.

These total lunar eclipses are referred to as Blood Moons. When the sun’s light hits Earth, the red part of the light spectrum bends the most, wrapping around Earth and reaching the moon’s surface. This gives the moon an eerie reddish color, earning the nickname of Blood Moon.


Big Dipper





Many people mistake the Pleiades for the Little Dipper, but it’s far from the correct location of the real Little Dipper. The Pleiades is a small asterism within the larger constellation of Taurus, the bull. Many cultures call it the Seven Sisters, but we can only see six stars today. As a result, many cultures have “newer” stories about what happened to the one sister.

In the Nez Perce (Pacific Northwest) version, one sister falls in love with a human man. He dies, and she is overwhelmed with grief. Her sisters mock her for feeling sad over the death of a human. As her sadness grows, she feels ashamed and pulls the sky over her face like a veil to block herself from view.

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