Fountain Hills, Arizona, has long been a hub for talented artists, and Dave Clark stands out as one of its brightest stars. With the release of his latest album, “ARIZONA,” Clark continues to captivate audiences with his electrifying performances and heartfelt songwriting. Let’s delve into the world of this local favorite and explore the magic behind his music.

Dave Clark is no stranger to the Phoenix-area music scene. Renowned for his dynamic performances, he played an astounding 192 shows last year alone, solidifying his status as one of the area’s busiest performers. He’s a local Fountain Hills favorite featured at the Saddle Bronc, Desert Belle, Batchelor’s Pad, Adero, Eddy’s at Trilogy, and the Concerts on the Avenue Series.  As a solo musician, Clark mesmerizes audiences with a blend of popular cover tunes, deep tracks, and original compositions honed over a multi-decade career as a songwriter.

The Energy of Live Performance

For Clark, playing live is an unparalleled experience. He describes it as the ultimate high for a musician, citing the shared energy between performer and audience as the driving force behind his electrifying shows. As energy flows between the stage and the crowd, each performance reaches new heights, creating an unforgettable musical experience for all involved.

Musical Influences and Style

Clark’s songwriting style bridges the gap between traditional ‘AOR’ (album-oriented rock) and the energetic sound of ’80s hair metal, infused with a modern sonic quality. Drawing inspiration from rock legends like Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, and Thin Lizzy, Clark’s music resonates with fans of classic and contemporary rock alike.

Exploring “ARIZONA”

Clark’s latest album, “ARIZONA,” showcases his versatility as a musician and songwriter. Featuring twelve tracks bursting with energy, emotion, and electrifying rhythms, the album offers a diverse musical journey for listeners. Standout tracks like “Bringin’ Me Down” and “The Way To Your Heart” highlight Clark’s prowess as both a performer and a storyteller.

A Tribute to Roots

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Clark’s rock roots run deep, infusing his music with a raw, authentic sound. His debut solo album, “Rock City,” pays homage to his hometown, while tracks like “Fallin’ For You” on “ARIZONA” draw inspiration from fellow Cleveland native Eric Carmen, showcasing Clark’s reverence for his musical influences.

With “ARIZONA,” Dave Clark invites listeners on a sonic adventure filled with passion, energy, and undeniable talent. Clark remains a beloved favorite among audiences craving the electrifying experience only live music can provide. Fountain Hills will offer residents a night to remember every Thursday in April from 6-8 pm with its Concerts on the Avenue Series. Mark your calendars for April 18th as Clark performs at the soloist stage across from Zab Thai & MCSO. So, crank up the volume, and let Dave Clark’s music take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. Visit for more information on upcoming shows and download or stream his latest album, ARIZONA, on all major streaming sites, or purchase your own CD.