Building Community

Why is it when I ask people of Fountain Hills if they like living here the answer is always,


What is it about Fountain Hills that you love? What don’t you love? Do you have ideas for things you would love to have in the near future?

For decades residents and business owners in Fountain Hills have inspired and shaped our beautiful Town. They have done this by speaking up and sharing their ideas! They have worked together in focus groups, workshops, and community surveys to collect the input from Fountain Hills residents. Because of this, we now have great community events, leadership trainings, trails and organizations. These serve our community and add value to our quality of life in Fountain Hills.

This is why VisionFH was formed, to continually present opportunities for our FH neighbors to share their voice. Their mission is to reach out to every resident, employee and business owner in Fountain Hills. They hope to inspire them to get involved. This will ultimately make a lasting impact in our community.

Share Your Voice

If you work, play and live in Fountain Hills then you can invest in your community. How? By providing your thoughts and views. Go to their website and share your voice in the survey.

The VisionFH website was created by volunteers to be a community resource. You will find information on a many popular topics. Each of us has different needs, knowledge and perspectives of what makes Fountain Hills a great place to live. The VisionFH website is the place where you can express your specific needs and ideas. You can also ask questions and provide feedback on various topics.

Once you are on the website, you will find the current survey. It is designed to find out how satisfied you are with the priority and features of our Town. There may also be upcoming topics that might interest you. It is important to visit often so you can be heard in a variety of ways!

Let’s continue to work together and create ideas that will make a positive impact and continue to create a vibrant future for Fountain Hills.

VisionFH wants to hear from you.


Quotes from FH Residents:

Regarding the 2020 survey:

“Civic virtue has never been this easy and as enjoyable.”


“This survey is a wonderful example of responsible civic engagement during a Pandemic. It deserves our wholehearted support and participation.”


“I took the survey you developed last evening and want to congratulate you on such an outstanding survey!”


“Your questions are clearly thought out and should provide you with a pulse of our Fountain Hills residents. I hope you have a tremendous response to the number who partake in the survey.”

Regarding past involvement:

“My involvement in multiple organizations in Fountain Hills resulted from my participation in the Leadership Academy, which came from VisionFH community engagement efforts in 2016. I am grateful for those experiences and thrilled about serving my community in valuable ways, including participating in the 2020 VisionFH community survey.”


“In 2016 I was involved with the Strategic Planning committee. The information that the residents provide through participating in the VisionFH survey and workshop was invaluable and very useful for the decisions our team was charged to make. I felt more confident creating ideas for town goals because so many residents had participated in the survey and then the VisionFH team made clear reports to share their input. I believed we were able to “listen” to our residents through this process and consider their needs more effectively.”

This information was provided by VisionFH Co-Chairs Tammy Bell and Jerry Butler. For more information visit the VisionFH website here.